EHMS, Inc. is ready and able to handle all projects from inception through completion, and anywhere in between.


EHMS's seasoned engineers are unparalleled in the design-build arena. From concept and design through coordination and installation, our team is well equipped to produce the right HVAC system to suit your needs. 


Our team has worked with several outside engineers and designers to produce the highest quality and most effective mechanical system possible for the project at hand. Our collaboration and valuable insights will ensure a successful project.

value engineering

Our skilled engineers are highly experienced in reviewing mechanical systems—whether on paper or on-site—and addressing any issues before they turn into disasters, while increasing efficiency and decreasing costs.

plan & spec

When the design and plans already exist, EHMS is prepared to implement them. Our team of highly qualified project managers and installation crew of tinners and fitters will get the job done right and to the engineered specifications.